Opera In Europe, LLC 

  Trips Designed to Exceed Your Greatest Expectations

. Represents Performing Arts Companies and individuals in The Unites States and Europe.

• Oversees all aspects of artists’ careers including scheduling, contract negotiations, travel logistics, 

  publicity, social media, merchandising and budgeting. 

• Evaluates incoming offers to determine recommended course of action and devises and implements new


• Handles a wide variety of problems and crises while maintaining a calm demeanor under pressure, 

  including resolving payment and contractual conflicts and solving pressing travel issues.

• Responsible for all aspects of touring including advancing of concerts, travel arrangements, promotional 

  materials and appearances, merchandise sales, budgets and hiring and management of crew as needed.

• Identifies and develops relationships with individual donors, foundations, and business sponsors to 

  financially support for the represented companies/individuals, outreach programs either through cash

  support or in-kind donations.

• Provides estimates of production expenses, actively looks for, achieves, and advises on potential savings 

  (labor, scheduling, rental equipment, etc.).

• Manages logistical needs, including booking any accommodation, and communicating travel details and


• Coordinates any visas and work permits needed for touring entourage.

• Coordinates air, sea and land cargo when necessary.

• Arranges hotel accommodations and local ground transportation.

• Develops and manages budgets for outreach programs to ensure grant compliance and financial oversight

  of spending.

• Evaluates the effectiveness of programs; completes required grant evaluations.

• Provides on-site supervision and support on the events, including performances, 

  lectures, fundraisers, galas.